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"When I first broke into the tech industry, I had a vague notion that specific opportunities were blocked off because I didn’t have the right skills, and others were blocked off because I didn’t have a technical degree.  After three years of working in the industry, I can confidently state that possessing the right skills and knowledge are infinitely more important (and lucrative) than any degree."


"I am part of the MyTechLadder cohort and am very thrilled to be learning and growing my technical skills.  A great initiative which helps women to relaunch career after a break. It is providing me an opportunity to learn the latest trending technologies and be part of a project where I can utilize these skills to develop an application.  I realize I have a long way to go but I am thrilled that I am off to a great start. Thanks to Vidya and the great team from MyTechLadder who are making this possible for us!!"


"Searching for jobs is stressful, never mind changing careers. I’m truly thankful to MyTechLadder for helping make the process so much easier, less stressful, and faster. After a long time of knowing I was in the wrong industry and deciding it was time to get back to my roots in tech, I found MyTechLadder. My mentor, Sonia, was insightful and challenged me, beginning with providing resume advice to showcase my experience in a way I didn’t know I could. She provided guidance through the application process and was instrumental in helping prepare when it was time to interview. I’m excited to continue working with MyTechLadder as I begin navigating my new career! "

Ashwini Hari

"In Vidya, and the team at mytechladder, I found a truly amazing mentor.  They brought incredible insight, balanced perspectives, and, at the same time, have challenged me at all the right times to push myself much harder to achieve my goal i.e, pursue a career in the rapidly growing field of technology."

Sujo John

"I was not actually looking for a relaunch prospective , but was looking to fill my technical gap with the current industry .I'm currently working with  legacy applications and Cloud /CICD pipeline ,and other new Technologies where some things are foreign to me . But after joining this Cohort team , Vidya gave me opportunities to explore these areas. What I was trying to learn for last few months , I practically did  that in one month. 

Also,Cohort  gave me an opportunity to meet other Technical professionals in this area.I wish all the success in Vidya's passion and Mytechladder's  future missions. "


"A great simulation before re-launching yourself in a fast-paced work environment  The COHORT program mimics a real-world workplace where you not only learn the latest technologies but also prepare the mindset to work in the current industry culture. I found many insights on how to manage work daily. Thanks to Vidya and MyTechLadder team to offer such a unique style program in a supportive environment."

Srividhya Krishnamoorthy

"It has been a very productive time for me as I have been constantly learning and exploring topics that I have never known before. I also enjoy working with the enthusiastic group of people who are also learning and updating themselves and show an amazing team spirit and are ready to help each other out during the process. It is a pretty healthy way to prepare to re-enter the industry."

Supriya Dixit

"To aid my journey in relaunching back to work, I have attended many technology related meetups. Every time I was left feeling overwhelmed by the jargon and vocabulary of the new technologies. This cohort has helped immensely in demystifying the same and now I feel a lot more confident and abreast with the current industry trends. Working with the cohort for the past 3 months has reinforced the work-ethic of showing up day after day at a given time in effect mocking a real work environment. This shift in mindset of scheduling personal tasks around the cohort work time has been very valuable to me. My personal attempts to work with people to achieve a common goal have not been as successful as getting people together in a "cohort" and having Vidya run it. This brings in a huge sense of accountability and commitment.  For MytechLadder's first such offering in Seattle, this cohort has come at the right time for me"