Intake Conversation*

45 minutes 1:1 call

  1. MyTechLadder builds an understanding of what your prior professional experience (tech or non-tech)

  2. Inquires about your desired professional next steps and journey

  3. Discusses your strengths and areas of development for a career in tech

  4. Provide a self-evaluation and a career-in-tech survey to best understand your intrinsic career motivation and interests.

    *Do the above topics not apply to you? Are you looking for situational guidance? Please click here for more details.

MyTechLadder Career Path Report

Within 5 business days

We will provide a high level report of possible career paths in technology for you based on our understanding of your career interests and the current trends in hiring​.

Invitation to join MyTechLadder

Within 7-10 business days

  1. Based on the initial session MyTechLadder, we will also evaluate your fit to join our membership service. 

  2. If selected, you will be sent an invitation to join our subscription based membership.

  3. We will pair you up with one of our Career Champions* for an ongoing engagement. This Career Champion will be matched based on your first session.

*MyTechLadder Career Champions are all hiring managers or senior subject matter experts from respective verticals within engineering or product management. Since our career champions have an intimate understanding of the engineering and product management teams, the feedback provided is extremely relevant.

Subscription benefits