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MyTechLadder focuses on helping individuals with their career journey. We provide services that define the career path, explore career options and help you Network with professionals in your field of interest. Our Career Champions are active industry professional with subject matter expertise with a passion to help.

together we will help you grow

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Greg Mushen

Product Leader

Greg brings both a solid product focus and a firm business sense. As a leader Greg also brings tremendous value to all interactions and serves as a mentor for everyone on the team.

Sonia Hingorany

Senior Manager, AWS

Sonia Hingorany is a Senior Manager in Amazon Web Services' Data Center Capacity Planning organization and elevates the career discussion for every professional through
her leadership.

Vivekanand Kirubanandan

Founder SDE skills &
Engineering Manager

Founder of SDE skills and an active software development community leader. Vivek and team run weekly technical interview preparation events in Seattle and other cities.

Aditi Raman
Senior Product Manager

A Technical Product Manager, middleware components, APIs and services. With a diverse background from Edutech, Consulting, Software testing and manufacturing, her interest in Product Mindset has grown stronger, as  there are numerous commonalities across all these verticals. 


Nitya Paniker Nambisan
UX Researcher

Nitya is a UX advocate who's passionate about helping others break into & thrive in the UX research field.


Sujal Sivarajan
Director Product Management

Sujal loves to travel and technology. She encourages product thinking in daily life and inspires everyone to make an impact!

Nancy Jensen
CEO Swing Shift

Nancy provides market awareness strategies, resume and LinkedIn and interview preparation as well as negotiation networking. 

Dippy Aggarwal
Software Development Engineer

With a Ph.D. in computer science (specializing in database systems). Dippy is interested in finding ways to promote computer science education and is an active member of SDE skills which is a non profit organization.

Huma Hamid
Technical Product Manager

Community-builder, cofounder at Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC), A global community of women in technology. She has successfully transitioned into multiple roles and Huma looks forward to sharing her journey to help others.

Janani Sudhakar
Senior Software Engineer

A graduate from NC State University with a Master's degree in Computer Science. A back-end developer, passionate about writing code and clean design and helping other women enter the software engineering field.

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Gengmei Zhao
Engineering Manager

With a passion for data engineering & mechanical engineering background, Gengmei is a great champion for those trying to move in to tech. 

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Hari Neelakantan
Senior Devops Lead

Helping all software engineers
with Devops pipelines and software-defined infrastructure is Hari's passion.


Aastha Sobti
Senior Product Manager

Anne Tran
 Software Engineer

Aastha loves sharing her journey as a engineer into senior product management and helping others with theirs.

Inspiring younger professionals in software industry to grow and face the industry challenges both technically and in soft skills.

Vidya Subramanian

Engineering Leader
Founder MyTechladder

Vidya Subramanian founded MyTechLadder with a vision to democratize careers in technology through authentic interactions and feedback.

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