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Move up!


Grow in tech with
the help of our
career champions 

On a mission to help your career in tech no matter where you work  

6 week series 

Getting Started as
a product manager 

STarting June 5th 10:30AM-12:30 PM PDT I ZOOM

Purchase individual sessions or series 

With Career champions

greg mushen.jpg

Greg Mushen
Product Leader, Compass

Sonia Hingorany
Senior Manager, AWS

Vivek Kirubanandan

Aditi Raman 

Founder, SDESkills

 Program Manager Microsoft 

Engg. Mgr. Facebook

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"When I first broke into the tech industry, I had a vague notion that specific opportunities were blocked off because I didn’t have the right skills, and others were blocked off because I didn’t have a technical degree.  After three years of working in the industry, I can confidently state that possessing the right skills and knowledge are infinitely more important (and lucrative) than any degree."


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