Frequently asked questions

What is MyTechLadder? 

MyTechLadder is a career progression and career mobility service. MyTechLadder helps grow young professionals for a fulfilling career. Our founders Vidya Subramanian and Sonia Hingorany are the primary career champions as well as many professionals are part of the team of career champions at MyTechLadder. We are all successful professionals with our own careers. One of the guidelines for our organization is “Pay it forward”. This makes us unique giving us a niche in the market.


How many participants will be in a group?

Our cohorts are designed to be like a two pizza team and will be capped at 12 people.

Please provide details on pricing.

The prices vary based on the type of engagement. We have priced our offering very affordable for the relaunch demographic to lower to barrier to entry. See full description at

What can I expect in a workshop?

You will get to experience the role through this workshop. We will have 3 to 4 industry experts in the role you are exploring who will also provide valueable insights. For example, our first workshop is on product management and will have 3 senior professionals from the industry. These sessions will have both lecture format and there will be hands on group activities.


How long have you been running this program?

We started MyTechLadder in the spring of 2019 and have been helping professionals with their careers in a 1:1 setting.

How would you describe the basic structure at your organization?

MyTechLadder is a company focused on helping professionals with their careers in technology through our career champions. All of our career champions are experts from various disciplines and are all passionate about helping others with their careers. We leverage the expertise and passion of our founders and career champions to help you with your career progression. Our career champions have been offering 1:1 services so far. We are now introducing cohort based group sessions as well.

What is the format of the sessions?

MyTechLadder has two sets of services that are 3 months long.

  1. 1:1 sessions that can be purchased for a self-paced 3 month duration
  2. Group and cohort based sessions that start on specific dates. Next one is starting November 8th 2019
Our 1:1 sessions are usually online over Zoom and last for an hour. We provide individualized feedback to help our participants target their study plan to progress in the career or move to a new job. We are launching group sessions as of November 8th. The group sessions are being envisioned with a carefully chosen cohort approach. The group sessions are in person and it will be held at the Riverter in Bellevue. In addition, we have group study sessions that will be online/Zoom.

Does location matter?

The in-person group sessions are being planned at the Bellevue Riverter. This location is particularly interesting since we are committed to equity of employment.

How are the meetings conducted remotely? Eg: Skype, webinars.

The remote meetings are conducted using MytechLadder’s Zoom bridge.

What outcomes could I expect?

If you are committed to putting in full time preparation as well as show performance across the boar on your technical skills as well as soft skills, timeliness and other team work, you could be directly getting a placement with one of our partners, based on how your interview process goes. At the minimum, you can expect to start your path for re-launching your career and you would have started out with a great network and tools for growing your selves. In some cases, we also suggest that folks return to our program for an additional 3-6 months.

How many participants have you had?

Our 1:1 sessions have had dozens of participants in the short period of time. We are launching our first cohort

Can you tell me about your clients?

Our clients have been individuals looking for new jobs in software engineering ranging from Cloud to Devops to Web development or product management.

Do you collaborate with potential Employers ?

We collabotate with hiring managers and leaders from the technology teams to provide insigts into what teams expect. We are not a placement service.

What makes mytechladder different from other career relaunch and reboot sites ?

Our values and our career champions. We are also unique in a way that we meet people where they are. We act as mentors and provide valuable insights for a satisfying and successful career path. All our sessions (workshops, cohorts and 1:1) are based on lot of market research and we addreses the gap between the job, going back to school and boot camps.


What is included in the 3 month cohort based group sessions?

  • Group sessions about industry trends, study plans for relaunch, soft skills preparation for relaunch
  • Coaching on interview prep, technical skills from career champions
  • 2 in-person group sessions that mimic a real life setting of a scrum team and sprint planning sessions
  • Individualized study plan and progress tracking strategies
  • Mid-point Mock interview
  • Feedback and progress tracking, ongoing assessment on all fronts - technical and soft skills
  • At least 2 weeks of real-world returnship project, based on assessment this may continue
  • End of 3 month report with next steps and recommendations

What is the frequency of the meetings?

All week days an online meeting for group study plan or project plans.

What else is included in the 3 month package?

The schedule includes assessments to review what you've learned to prepare for an interview process, to provide you with feedback on where you need to improve, and to prepare you for successful placement. As we consider your progress, we take everything you do in the program into account (not just technical assessments)—if you're on time and present, if you're meeting deadlines, if you're completing assignments, if you're following process, if you're communicating about your needs, if you're consistently meeting with your career champions, if you're building your network, if you're collaborating well, if you're solving problems, if you're dealing with the stress of an intensive program well, if you're lifting others with you, if you're reading instructions, how your champion feels you're doing, how you indicate you're doing in surveys and one-on-ones, etc. If we see any indications you’re struggling in one area, we look more closely at everything else and we seek a plan for improvement. Consistent problems and lack of improvement could indicate someone’s not ready to continue the program at the current pace and we will discuss alternative approaches. We suggest careers in Cloud, Devops or software development based on what best suits your background.

Is this a bootcamp or how is it different from a bootcamp?

MyTechLadder mimics the workplace to make the transition into the industry better—instead of having an instructor constantly guiding you (which you won't have in any software engineering job), you will be given a schedule of topics and assignments and you're expected to figure out what to do on your own or in collaboration with others in your cohort, your career champions or instructors. We also provide you with industry readiness tactics through our 3 month program including 2 week sprint syle completion of tasks that should lead upto achieving goals that can be demonstrated to other team members.

What is the sylabus of the cohort ?

The syllabus is designed based on the needs of the cohort, evaluating their backgrounds. For the relaunch cohort the main goal is to provide the structure so that all work is done within software engineering team and workplace approach. The content will slowly go deeper over the course of the 12 weeks. For our software engineering relaunch cohort, the outline looks like this: Sprint 1 : Introduction to Modern Software Engineering teams, the structure and the various roles and responsibilities, high level overview of common terminology and tools needed to succeed in a modern engineering team. Get used to basic tools and workflows used in a team during this sprint, regardless of the role. Basics of Github, Cloud infrastructure, Jira and Continuous integration/deployment platforms. We will be using Java Spring boot framework and AWS. Majority of the time in this sprint will be spent getting familiar with terminology, various roles, how to use Github, how to manage your backlog, how to be present and effective for a standup meeting. This sprint will include role rotation for the sprints2-5 so that participants get to rotate and get a feel for different roles.

Sprint 2 :How to deploy your 1st line of code change to an AWS environment. Get familiarized with a continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline that will be used to deploy java microservices on AWS. Focus: AWS and Devops basics through hands on session Sprint 3 : Goal: Begin your Github portfolio. Basics of problem solving with or without using code. The problems maybe Devops oriented or algorithm oriented, will depend on how individuals respond to their assessments and what interests/strengths are being demonstrated. The focus during this sprint will be to get each person comfortable with the activities expected on an existing code base. Make small changes, check in the code to Github get code review feedback, how to respond to code review feedback, ensure your changes are tested. Get very comfortable with the “process” of code changes given a codebase For all of the activities above, we will be making code changes in Java using Springboot, deploying to AWS Sprints 4 and 5: Designing a new application, how code from various services/microservices/components and all of the features fit into a bigger design. Focus is design and assigning roles within a scrum team and working on a project as a team. Sprint 6 : We will start with an assessment and transition into interview prep mode for this sprint for those who are ready. For those who may not be ready, this sprint will have another project for your portfolio. ( please give yourselves 9-12 months of relaunch time if you are just starting).