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Devopsly LLC  doing business as MyTechLadder (“MyTechLadder”) has disclosed or may disclose to Recipient (person named below), business, marketing and offering information, contacts and/or names of people, and/or ideas (together "Proprietary Information").


In consideration of the disclosure, Recipient agrees to hold in confidence the Proprietary Information and not possess or use Proprietary Information for any purpose other than to evaluate the Proprietary Information to become a customer of MyTechLadder.


This Agreement is governed by the laws of Washington state with venue in King County, WA, and may be modified or waived only in writing by both parties. Each party shall be responsible for all its fees and expenses, including without limitation, attorney’s fees for any disputes, This Agreement shall come into effect on the day of disclosure and remain in force for 2 years.


Acknowledged and agreed

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