Integrity: Be true to oneself and the situation at hand. Know that there are three sides to a story: yours, the other party’s, and the truth.


Intellectual Honesty: Provide and be more open to honest feedback leading to continuous improvement.


Professionalism: Maintain composure and keep poised. So much of our impact and influence occurs not verbally but through body language


Listen: Be a good listener. Listening is not about agreeing but about paying attention and respecting the individual.


Be Present: Focus on the journey. We don’t learn from the outcome. We learn from the mistakes along the way.


Humility: All life comes from the ground and all of it goes back into the ground. Stay down to earth. Stay grounded.


Contextualize: Keep things in perspective. Whether a simple statement or broader strategy, maintain a 360 degree inclusive outlook.


Nuts & Bolts: Know your stuff. Become a true subject matter expert in your space at the deepest levels.


Enable Yourself: DIY. Become an adult learner. Continue to seek out new opportunities to learn and master.